Moving forward in an era of change.

Smart healthcare decisions have never been more crucial.  Unna is here to help.

Data can't hide from us... which means more cost savings opportunities for you.

Unna helps you bridge the gap between data and smart decisions.  Our next-generation tools help business leaders and benefits teams optimize and drive strategy.  Employees and their families can track health, find the right providers and earn rewards for making smart healthcare decisions.

Powerful insights, simple to use.

You don’t have to be an informaticist to become a data-driven rockstar.  We designed Unna for usability, so you can efficiently connect your data, find answers, and enable smart healthcare decisions throughout the ecosystem.

Open to new savings opportunities

We believe making smart decisions requires more than claims data.  Our open partner ecosystem is all about comparing data from sources like apps, eligibility, programs, real-time biometrics, clinical, social determinants, and much more.

One platform for any user

Employees find providers and receive cost savings opportunities via text, plan administrators access curated population dashboards and drill down to the member level. and vendors access collaborative reporting tools—All in one platform designed for a consumer-grade experience.

Smart healthcare decisions

An open ecosystem, we leverage billions of data points and bleeding-edge technology to deliver timely insights, distilled to action items.  From gaps in care, how to save on Rx, or why an onsite clinic makes sense, and more. 

Our Story

We are proven entrepreneurs who started Unna to disrupt the healthcare industries' commoditization of the consumer and empower people to make smart healthcare decisions.

Our Vision

Unna's pristine health and social determinants dataset, and unique tech for making sense of healthcare is the backbone of Primary Care as a Service...globally.


We use billions of health and social determinants data points to find ways of improving outcomes; AI helps us communicate in a language people understand.  

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